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Stainless Steel Crescent Moon Dangle Earrings - E235

Stainless Steel Crescent Moon Dangle Earrings - E235

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Stainless Steel Crescent Moon Dangle Earrings

These hypoallergenic moon earrings are small, lightweight and perfect for sensitive ears. They are great for women or girls. Each earring has a crescent moon laser engraved on it.
These crescent moon earrings are bold enough to make a statement, but subtle enough to wear daily.

- Hypoallergenic niobium ear wires.
- 15 X 19mm stainless steel charms.
- 30mm total approx. earring length.

*** Niobium is a chemical element (symbol Nb). Niobium is naturally hypoallergenic and commonly used in a number of medical devices including prosthetics and implants, such as pacemakers.
For people with metal allergies and really sensitive ears, niobium ear wires are a great solution.

*** Stainless steel has become a popular choice for jewelry and for good reason. For those who live an active lifestyle, stainless steel is great because it is very low maintenance.
You don't have to worry about it tarnishing. Wear it while you swim, work out, etc. with no problem... the color remains the same.
If it gets dirty, simply clean with a little mild soap and water. Great for everyday wear!

NOTE: Although fingerprints and other marks can show up on the charms, they are quite easy to clean. To clean, use a soft lint-free cloth and vinegar.
Mild soap and water along with a soft lint-free cloth also works great. Do not can scratch the surface. These charms are shiny and reflect light well!

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