Purchasing form earflair.com means that you are supporting a small business.
My name is Nicole and I am a one woman show.
From photography to customer service and everything in between.
Each order is packed and shipped by me which means that your special gift will always be handled with love and care.
Earflair.com started when I decided to give in to my entrepreneurial spirit and take a leap of faith.
Having no former experience in starting and running an online business, I have had to gain the knowledge every step of the way.
It has been challenging, fun and rewarding all at the same time. I am passionate about what I am doing and I can only hope that it shows.

My goal is to provide my customers with thoughtful, playful and unique jewelry that will help to enhance their sense of style. Jewelry that is affordable, but doesn't compromise on quality.
As a consumer myself, I know how I like to be treated while interacting with a brand. I always appreciate quality products, fair prices, great communication and beautiful packaging (something that is often overlooked).
I try my best to give my customers a great shopping experience from the time of purchase to opening their special gift and beyond.

I believe that jewelry is not only a way to add flair to your outfit but it is also a way to express yourself and tell a story.
Let your jewelry do the talking so you don't have to.
Be Confident.
Be Bold.
Be You.