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14k Gold Filled Paperclip Earrings

14k Gold Filled Paperclip Earrings

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14k Gold Filled Paperclip Earrings

Instantly add a touch of modern minimalist flair to your look with these trendy handmade paper clip earrings. These unique hoop earrings are made to order from 20 gauge gold filled wire. The earrings are so lightweight you will forget that you are wearing them. Make these simple yet stylish earrings your go-to earrings for any occasion.

- 14/20 gold filled 20 gauge wire.
- Approximate earring size: Length = 36mm. Width = 12mm.

*** GOLD FILLED offers an economical alternative to solid gold. Gold filled jewelry is created in a similar process to gold plated jewelry, yet it is leaps and bounds ahead in quality. Unlike gold plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry will not easily chip or rub off due to the extra thick layer of gold. If you take proper care of your gold filled jewelry, it will last you for quite some time.

Titanium version of these earrings available HERE

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