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14k Gold Filled 2 Piercing Staple Earring (Custom Size)

14k Gold Filled 2 Piercing Staple Earring (Custom Size)

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Gold Filled 2 Piercing Staple Earring

The perfect accessory for any minimalist. This simple yet unique earring is shaped like a staple and gives that effect while being worn. Cool, modern and a definite conversation starter. 

Everyone's piercings are spaced differently so each earring will be custom made based on your measurements.

*** Refer to 2nd photo for measuring instructions. ***
- Use a ruler to measure the space between your piercings.
- In the "Note" section, write your measurement in millimeters. Example: 7mm, 8mm, etc.
- If ordering a pair and both have different measurements, enter both measurements. Example: 8mm and 10mm.
- Your earring will be made to order as to ensure a perfect fit.

- Made from 14/20 gold filled wire. (20 gauge) Lead & Nickel free.

*** GOLD FILLED offers an economical alternative to solid gold. Gold filled jewelry is created in a similar process to gold plated jewelry, yet it is leaps and bounds ahead in quality. Unlike gold plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry will not easily chip or rub off due to the extra thick layer of gold. If you take proper care of your gold filled jewelry, it will last you for quite some time.

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